The 2018 #MeToo Essay Award Winners

I know you’ve been waiting patiently, so here are the results!

The 2018 Memoir Magazine #MeToo Essay Award Winners

The 1st and 2nd Place essays can be read by clicking on the links or images below. Discussion Questions are at the end of each essay.

In addition, 12 Reader’s Choice essays will be published in the following weeks in our ongoing #MeToo section.

We thank those who have shared their personal stories and in so doing have helped so many of our readers understand the scope of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence. For triumph and uncommon valor exhibited in the course of their personal lives, we recognize them as follows:

1st Prize: It Starts with Blood by Emily Finn

2nd Prize: Rise by Megan Baxter

#MeToo-2nd Prize

Reader's Choice Essays/Runner Ups
Shortlisted Essays

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