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focus on the solution- Memoir Magazine Partners for changeBecause Movements Start With Stories.

Memoir Magazine’s Partners For Change program exists to join forces with and promote the work of grassroots organizations to support and promote and advocate for people and stories and social issues that need attention.

We are open to collaborations with any like-minded organizations working toward a more just and humane society, particularly those that operate as a resource for overlooked, displaced, or marginalized people of any ethnicity, religion, or gender preference.

This can manifest in innumerable ways, as educational seminars, scholarships, sponsorship, events, promotion on social media or simply a resource link on this page to the work your organization is doing. Drop us a line at to discuss how we can partner for change.

Memoir Magazine invites you to explore and support the work of the following fine organizations:

The Me Too Movement

The inspiration for our #MeToo Contest, in 2006, Tarana Burke founded the me too. movement to help survivors of sexual violence, particularly young women of color from low wealth communities, find pathways to healing. Using the idea of “empowerment through empathy,” the me too. movement was ultimately created to ensure survivors know they’re not alone in their journey.The me too. movement has built a community of survivors from all walks of life. By bringing vital conversations about sexual violence into the mainstream, we’re helping to de-stigmatize survivors by highlighting the breadth and impact sexual violence has on thousands of women, and we’re helping those who need it to find entry points to healing. Ultimately, with survivors at the forefront of this movement, we’re aiding the fight to end sexual violence. We want to uplift radical community healing as a social justice issue and are committed to disrupting all systems that allow sexual violence to flourish. Find out more at:

The Awakenings Foundation is home to a multi-media art gallery featuring the artistic expressions of rape and sexual abuse survivors. By showcasing stories of survival, they are helping survivors find peace while simultaneously challenging the cultural taboos that prevent an honest discussion of sexual violence.

They shine a light on the truth. They don’t mince words. They are upfront and dead center about the prevalence of rape and sexual abuse in our culture. They are not here to make you comfortable. They are here to tell the truth and share the stories of the survivors brave enough to tell them. They are the publishers of Awakened Voices Magazine. Learn more at: the Awakenings Foundation website.

The Inner Truth Project

Mindi Fetterman, founder of The Inner Truth Project(ITP) knows first hand the effects of rape and sexual violence and has created a non-profit on the Treasure Coast that provides services to help survivors of sexual abuse and rape to heal, hope and have the strength to not just survive but thrive.
The Inner Truth Project exists because there is no shame in living through any type of sexual abuse, violence or rape. ITP believe that speaking our truth in support of each other in a safe, caring and therapeutic environment can set us free. Focusing on the needs of both women and men, The Inner Truth Project provides an environment where survivors can bravely share the truth about their experiences and receive the help they need to find strength, hope and health…one story at a time.
Among the various programs offered are:
  • Eating Without Disorder
  • Let’s Talk About It – An open therapeutic group facilitated by a licensed clinician.
  • Seeking Safety – An evidence based, present – focused counseling model to help people attain safety from trauma and / or substance abuse
  • Women’s Group
  • Teen’s Group
  • Using Your Words
  • Reiki Master Healing Circle
  • Equine assisted psychotherapy
  • Art Therapy

The NSVRC online directory highlights those organizations and projects working to eliminate sexual violence. It includes state and national organizations that focus on addressing sexual violence and show a commitment to its elimination; scope of work is statewide, territorial, or national

* If you’d like to discover more fine publications to submit your writing, we recommend you try  We are honored to be listed there.

Oh, and Refugees are still welcome here!

Poster By Micah Bazant and the Jewish Voice for Peace. Find out more about the little poster that could  at:

Jewish Voice of Peace makes it easy to do the right thing with their Activist Kits and organized awesomeness.  You can support and join in their work in lots of cool ways, lest of which is purchasing their cool activism swag like the “Stop Profiling Muslims’ t-shirts.

Stop Profiling Muslims. Jewish Voice for Peace T-shirt.

Facing History and Ourselves
“Facing History and Ourselves uses history to challenge teachers and their students to stand up to bigotry and hate. Facing History’s resources address racism, antisemitism, and prejudice at pivotal moments in history; we help students connect choices made in the past to those they will confront in their own lives. Together we are creating the next generation of leaders who will build a world based on knowledge and compassion, the foundation for more democratic, equitable, and just societies.”

KAVOD: Help Ensure the Dignity of Holocaust Survivors
KAVOD provides emergency aid to Holocaust survivors in need. John, the husband in this husband-wife led charity, also takes pictures of the survivors and gives them away to keep for free, as a memento. The biggest fear of Holocaust survivors is that they will be forgotten.
There are an estimated 80,000 Holocaust survivors, and over 1/3 of them are living at or near poverty levels, for complex reasons. Due to the trauma they suffered at an early age, like Nathan in this story, many have complex dental needs along with other ailments and simply go without care to save money.

Take A Stand: Stop Domestic Violence

Take A Stand is a call to action meant to bring attention to the issue of domestic violence for Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) and throughout the year.  By taking a stand we intend to remind the nation that there are still countless people–victims and survivors, their children and families, their friends and family, their communities–impacted by domestic violence.  We, all of us, should not stop until society has zero-tolerance for domestic violence and until all victims and survivors can be heard.

So, I’ve Got Privilege, Now What?

If you’re ready to explore or learn more about how privilege and access to power shape our inner and outer worlds and what to do about it check out:

From their Instagram page:
“Mistress Syndrome supports status quo and passing white ladies in dismantling, healing from, and ultimately transforming the legacies of white womanhood.” Find out more at:

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