2020-2021 Memoir Prize Winners


Grand Prize Winner:

Relief by Execution: A Visit to Mauthausen, by Gint Aras. Homebound Publications, Little Bound Books, October 2019. 94 pages.


Finalists/Category Prizes:

True Crime:

Third Rainbow Girl: The Long Life of a Double Murder in Appalachia, by Emma Copley Eisenberg. Hachette Books, January 21, 2020.

Humor Coming of Age:

Wild Blueberries: Nuns, Rabbits & Discovery in Rural Michigan by Peter Damm, O’Brien & Whitaker Publishers, 2019

Refugee Memoir Escape:

Dreams and Nightmares: I Fled Alone to the United States When I Was Fourteen by Liliana Velasquez, Edited by Mark Lyons Parlor Press, 201


Honorable Mention

Write This Second: A Poetic Memoir, by Kira Lynne Allen. Nothing But The Truth Publishing, LLC 2019

Our Family Walks, by Nick R. Robinson. (Unpublished Manuscript)

Lost and Found: How I Got from There to Here by Judith Kalman  (Unpublished Manuscript)

Nearly Fifty, A collection of Essays, by Paloma A. Capanna. 2018 Page Publishing, Inc.

Sacred Groves: Or, How a Cemetery Saved My Soul, Kathleen Davies Bedazzled Ink Publishing, 2019

Dressed for Dancing: My Soujourn with the Findhorn Foundation, by Leslie Hill, INCITE Press

I Am Not Your Slave: A Memoir, by Tupa Tjipombo with Chris Lockhart

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