Jade Gleason was born in New Jersey and is graduating from Rutgers with a B.A. in Journalism and minors in English and Social Justice. Her creative outlets include writing in poetry and prose, modeling, acting, dancing, makeup art and photography. During her sophomore year of college, she delivered a TED Talk style presentation about the traumatic impacts of her mother’s mental illness and how survival at home lead to a lost childhood. After experiencing 17 years of trauma, she was adopted and has spent most her life recovering, healing, and reconstructing blocked memories, experiencing much growth in the process. Her plans after graduation include beginning a life for herself that renews and redeems her identity, where she is recognized for her work and abilities rather than the horrors and tragedies that occurred during her childhood. Her vision for her creative work is to portray how she’s been able to receive and discover her own inner healing while becoming an influencer to encourage others to reconcile their own broken identities and receive acceptance and healing for them.