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September 15  – October 20th, 2022
Coming Again Spring 2023
Thursdays, 7:30 to 9 PM Eastern

Throughout the ages, humans have used stories to encode and decode the meaning of life. Now, in modernity, as the Memoir Revolution matures, more of us than ever are discovering the stories embedded in our own experience. By finding the words to describe our lives, we convert our psychological tension into art. By doing so, we inform others and heal ourselves.

While mysteries are about detectives solving murders, and thrillers are about heroes stopping villains, memoirs are about the enormous potential of the human spirit to find truth in the midst of psychological chaos.

In this course, Jerry Waxler, therapist, author, and memoir expert will guide you through the simple steps of developing a memoir by using the raw material of your own experience.

What you’ll learn:

To sort out and make sense of your memories by shaping them into Story.

The simple universal definition of Story will help you re-envision your own life.

How the craft of story structure provides a framework for the path of self-development.

How to use narrative art to shift your focus from pain to courage.

How “finding your words” is crucial for a healing, whole life.

How to find the emotional glue that links your experiences together into the compelling forward motion of a story.

How your best story will describe the journey to your best self.

How Memoir writing and reading helps you find your voice.

How reading and writing memoirs establishes a true social connection among the sea of cultural and individual differences.

How the heroic mission at each life stage propels readers on a powerful journey of their own.

How grieving is the foundation for a powerful story about renewal.

A step-by-step guide to transforming your memories into mind-shifting books through:

  • Focus, Determination, and Accountability
  • Gathering anecdotes
  • Building scenes
  • Recognizing the engine of the story: “desire-obstacle-overcome-grow”
  • Identifying the heroic mission across a swath of your experience
  • Finding the wisdom in your story to lead the reader toward a powerful conclusion
  • Writing the first draft
  • Revision

These are just a few of the psychological insights you will gain by researching and developing your own memoir in this groundbreaking course.

Open to Writers of All Levels.

Course Dates:  

September 15  – October 20th, 2022
Thursdays, 7:30 to 9 PM Eastern

Cost: $299

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Meet Your Instructor:

Jerry Waxler M.S. is a workshop leader and writing coach, with a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. He is the author of The Memoir Revolution: A Social Shift that Uses Your Story to Heal, Connect, and Inspire, How to Become a Heroic Writer, a self-help workbook to show you how to start and stay writing, and his own memoir Thinking My Way to the End of the World, about finding his truth in the sixties. Jerry leads a variety of groups to encourage peer support among memoir writers, and teaches writing at Northampton Community College.

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I took the Healing Memoir class with Jerry Waxler and while I expected structure and guidance in the writing process, I did not expect the healing benefits that came from finding my voice, reclaiming parts of myself… This workshop empowered and inspired me not only in my writing but also living each day with greater integrity and awareness. His knowledge, dedication, and insight set me up for weeks of writing with direction and a framework to continue upon the completion of class.  Sharing the class with other writers, I found it all the more invigorating and enjoyable.  I look forward to the opportunity of working with Jerry again.”

The writing process has led me to tears where I didn’t know they had been frozen for years. This in itself is worth the process, even if scenes don’t make it into the final “book”. I would like to add that this memoir writer’s group has shown me that this is “home”! I have participated in (other) writer’s workshops, but the depth and intensity that we seem to have established instantly (in this workshop), was not there. Thank you all for such a valuable opportunity! Sincerely, Steph.”

The last 6 weeks have been transformative in a way that I didn’t expect. It definitely empowered me. You are such a gifted facilitator in your compassion insight and understanding. Among other things those 300 memoirs that you read in order to prepare for this work must have affected you to be so very humble and compassionate to all of us! In addition, you were very generous. Your love for your work truly came through.

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