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At Memoir University, we are committed to providing both beginning and advanced writers with the tools to share their stories. We understand that everyone learns differently, and we are committed to providing a variety of online courses and formats that provide the basics of effective storytelling, as well as interesting and novel ways to approach memoir writing.


Your course can cover any aspect of memoir writing or healing and be anywhere from an hour-long ZOOM talk to a 3-month weekly online workshop. Wow us!


For example, you might wish to propose a one-day class on writing character, or a two-hour talk that focuses on memoir as a family chronicle, or even a 12-week workshop specifically geared to writing about health or the medical profession. The audiences and purposes are endless. What is your expertise?


If you are interested in offering a class or workshop at Memoir University, please complete the following proposal form, and if possible, include an introduction, resume, and any recommendations, links or reviews, or course reviews/evaluations from courses you have previously taught.


Include the following in your proposal:

  • Title, of course, your bio, photograph, and a summary of the course.
  • What will students learn? Include 5 or 6 bullets covering course objectives and outcomes.
  • Is this course for beginners or advanced writers or can anyone benefit?
  • Please provide a syllabus or a tentative class calendar covering each day of the course.
  • Please outline the format of your course. Will it be Synchronous Live Weekly Video/Chat/ Phone sessions or Asynchronous (go at your own pace) sessions? Will you do a weekly workshop? Live Video lecture and discussion? Will there be in-class or weekly writing assignments?


A memoir writing class is supposed to be welcoming, fun, friendly, and keep us writing. It should give thought-provoking feedback and inspiration each week. It is a community where writing may be a creative, technical, and personal growth undertaking, as needed by each student. Ideally, a great class should be accessible from any stage of the personal process/writing journey.


As Independent Contractors, Teachers will receive half of the tuition total and are responsible for their own taxes. This means if you teach a class with 10 students, and each student pays $100, you will receive a payment of $500 for that class.

Click here to submit your proposal and teach for Memoir University.

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  1. What an exciting opportunity. I love how you keep creating opportunities for memoir writing and writers. You are definitely helping to keep the art of memoir alive and thriving. Thank you!

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