We want real stories.

“To look at what it means to exist and be human—and who we are as species—we must look at history.” –Tell it Slant, Brenda Miller and Suzanne Paola

Memoir magazine’s mission is to be a witness to both factual and emotional truths that resonate with the human heart by supporting writers and artists in sharing their stories—whether personal, social or political– through publication, education, and advocacy.

Our goal is to cultivate our collective and individual capacity to recognize truth, while creating greater diversity and empathy, by flooding the world with stories that need to be told.

Because pictures tell stories as well as words, memoir mag features artwork as well as essay, interviews and book reviews.

We are proud to be humans and citizens of the world. It’s a broad category, we know. But life is broad and nobody gets out alive. That’s why we read memoir. We aim to be inclusive. This is not an intellectual or political magazine, because we feel that if you are breathing in these changing times, you already are a political condition. Therefore, all true (and creatively true) stories are welcome regardless of the subject matter, educational level or achievement or sexual orientation of the author.

We want real stories. We want to feel something and we want to share that feeling with the world. Send us your blood, your sweat, your laughter, and your tears.

We encouraged the exchange of alternative points of view traditionally overlooked by mainstream media.

Memoir Magazine
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