Essay and Manuscript Critique Service

Find out how to clearly revise your writing and gain the attention of readers, editors, and publishers.

Does your essay submission keep getting rejected? No luck finding an agent or publisher for your book? Maybe you are simply wondering where your writing stands and need professional feedback to confidently revise and move forward.

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Let Memoir Magazine help you achieve your writing goals. Whether you’re an aspiring, apprentice, or accomplished writer, the goal of our teachers, coaches, and editors is to help you get to the best possible version of what you‘re trying to do. You may submit an essay, sections of a novel, or a full-length memoir project. You’ll receive comments on your focus, development, organization, clarity, characterization, dialogue, and setting. Plus, a professional critique editor will point out any consistent issues within your writing pertaining to grammar, mechanics, spelling, or style.

A critique is highly recommended for new and established authors before submitting manuscripts for copyediting or literary agents.
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How Much Will It Cost?

$0.035 per word.

Use the simple fee calculator below to see what the fee will be. Enter your Manuscript’s Word Count:
[ezfc id=’2′ /] [/su_column][/su_row] Our Memoir Critique Service is perfect for:

  • Memoir Writers looking for a professional critique for your manuscript
  • Creative Nonfiction Writers who need feedback and recommendations on what to change and what to keep
  • Writers who want a clear idea of how to revise your manuscript

Making Your Payment

We accept payments by credit card and via PayPal.

What You’ll Submit:

Upload your completed or partially completed essay or manuscript (3000-80,000 words) as a word or text document, and an optional description/summary of the manuscript, and/or a brief statement outlining your revision goals.

Minimum Length Requirement:

To take advantage of this service, you must have at least 3000 words (roughly 12 consecutive pages) ready for review. You’re welcome to submit as many consecutive pages as you like, though they must all be from the same work.

*Please contact us for projects more than 80,000 words.

What You’ll Get:

Along with comments in the text, you will receive an editorial letter (1/2-2 pages for shorter essays & 3–5 pages for full length manuscripts) outlining your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses in plot, character development, style, and structure, as well as specific suggestions for revision. Turnaround time: 4-6 weeks depending on size.

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  • First, you must complete the Critique Request information and payment process at our shop.
  • You will receive an automatic confirmation of your order.
  • Forward your confirmation/receipt with an attached copy of your essay to
  • Our staff will be in touch within 5 business days about the assignment of your project to a professional editor/critique person.
  • After a professional editor/critique person is assigned, they will e-mail you to introduce themselves, and estimate a timeframe for turnaround.
  • If your manuscript does not meet the industry standard formatting (12-point Times Roman font, double-spaced), we will apply these settings ourselves when possible, and only critique the number of pages/words you have paid for.
  • The editor/critique person will e-mail you an editorial review of your manuscript in an attachment. There are no refunds for this service. No discounts apply.
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Thank you for your wonderful weigh-in on my piece. You won’t believe how thrilled I am to finally get some guidance on it! I’ve shopped it around for a couple of years now and have gotten a lot of, “It’s great, but not for us.” Your comments opened my eyes about it and I’m going to use your suggestions to overhaul it and re-submit. And your instinct was correct. It was a longer piece that I cut down. –Hilarie P

Wow is all I have at the moment. I read your email about five minutes after its arrival but had to gather my thoughts before responding. Two of these pieces have gone through so many iterations (including possible incineration) that I think I submitted them in a brain fog. I concur with your comments and would like a chance to tidy up a couple of other things before sending them back your way.
Thanks again for all of your amazing feedback; I’m still reeling from it. -S.

Thank you so much for your feedback; I have taken the introduction, made suggested revisions, and resubmitted the piece on (e.t.) as a stand alone essay. I am so thankful for your suggestions and time. —S.B.

Thank you, Ms. McBeth. I appreciate your feedback (VERY helpful) and will integrate your suggestions into my re-write.
I absolutely will resubmit the piece, with your blessing. I feel like your journal would be a great fit for the piece.
Thanks again!— S.P.

[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”What Our Editors Seek in a Client” disabled=”no” anchor=”” url=”” target=”blank” class=””] You do not need to be an experienced writer with an MFA under your belt. Our preference is to work with serious writers who wish to improve their craft and make their work the very best it can be by performing a meticulous rewrite following receipt of their critique. If you only wish to receive compliments for your work, please find a loving family member to critique your writing.

Our editors want clients who wish to succeed; after all, your success is a reflection of our expertise. You’re unlikely to achieve your goal if you’re unwilling to learn from this process and condition yourself to grow as a writer.

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