Pia Rabin is a 71 year old writer and painter. Her statement is this: I live in rural Vermont on a small farm where I write and paint as a way to understand, to savor, to believe in the goodness I experience. I seek to express the thoughts and feelings that flow through my days, as an observer, an appreciator. I live with my cats in relative peace and humble enoughness. I work at the day’s demands as an act of gratitude and diligence. I fail, I try again. I trust in the One who decided to make one of me to enter into this stream of humanity. I desire to do my best to be of help to us all in my small way. The creative field is vast and I hope to play in it all my life. I sit in the silence, run in the wind, and wait in patience for my soul to come to complete love of us all in every way demanded, necessitated. I sweep the floor, load the woodstove, and write or paint what comes to birth in me. I hope to feed us all good things that help us on our way. May the Good Lord help us all.